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Panublix is a sourcing platform connecting creatives with sustainable tropical textiles & artisan craft.

Our Vision

A thriving Philippine tropical textile & artisan craft economy by 2030
enriching biodiversity, cultural heritage and empowering creatives to design for sustainable lifestyles.

Our Mission

Connecting creatives with sustainable tropical textiles & artisan craft so they can design a future that respects culture, humanity & biodiversity (Kultura’t Kapwa’t Kalikasan)

Our Mission

L   Live creatively

Innovate with a mission

K    Kultura’t Kapwa 't Kalikasan (service for the good of cultural heritage, humanity & biodiversity)

H    Heritage-based but global in mindset

Agility - always keep learning

We are committed to our stakeholders:


By providing them with opportunities for career and personal growth all while maintaining a harmonious environment to work with.


By empowering them with a platform that connects them within and outside the industry and thereby achieving personal development.


By influencing them to patronize locally produced products that represent a diverse Filipino culture.


By being good ancestors helping build a better & more sustainable society that will be inherited by the next generations.

Our team:

We are a team of impact-driven individuals from the fields of design, marketing, tech, business, culture, community development, science and engineering. Our diversity is like the Philippine diaspora - spread out in various locations, from Iloilo, Manila, and even abroad. But what unites us is our love for the Philippines and our cultures. Like the weaves that we help promote, we are bound by the tapestry of Philippine panubli-on (heritage).

Interested in becoming part of our team? Join us! Visit this page for our available roles: https://panublix.com/pages/careers

Our main address is in Iloilo City, Philippines. But our team is fully remote working across Iloilo, Manila, and Brisbane, Australia!

Join us!