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Collection: Hablon MASKERAIDE

COVID19 is still here and it is still crucial to #WearAMask to prevent the spread of droplets which may carry the virus.

Thankfully, we have local masks that are not only high-quality (double to triple-layered fabric and durable construction), but they also look stylish with the trademark cultural hablon textile!

But our weavers also need your help! The pandemic made a severe impact on their sales & income. Weavers, who are mostly #women, run #microenterprises that are most often the ONLY source of livelihood for their families and communities.

Every purchase of these masks will not only help weavers bounce back from the pandemic, but they will also help you stay safe with style and culture!

Be a Hablon MaskerAIDer! Stay safe with style, help prevent COVID19 while helping Iloilo weavers bounce back!


True to our commitment on Transparency, we assure you that at last 60% of all listed prices is paid directly to our partner weavers and designers. The rest goes to our social enterprise development efforts to enable weaving communities for the digital economy!

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